We Provide Volume In A Snap

Our clip in extensions will add serious volume to your hair. Whether you are suffering from thinning hair/hair loss, or simply want to make your hair more luxurious, we’ve got you covered. One of the things that women love most about our clip in extensions is that they add volume in a snap. See why women across the country are raving about our easy to use clip in extensions.


Why are women so keen on our clip ins? We have listed some of the most common feedback below:

  • Our clip in extensions take a matter of seconds to apply, saving women precious time in the morning.
  • Because they are so convenient, our clip in extensions take some of the stress out of getting ready in the morning.
  • Our clip in extensions are easy to remove after a long day.
  • Our clip in extensions are versatile and are easy to put in before a job interview, first date, or fancy soiree.


Not only do the clips on our extensions allow you to “add volume in a snap;” they also allow you to wear extensions without damaging your hair. This is a huge improvement over sew in extensions. Perhaps you have worn sew in extensions before and were frustrated to have to deal with the damage these extensions caused to your natural hair (in addition to the time it took to sew them in). With our clip in extensions, you can kiss that frustration goodbye. Our extensions can be worn worry-free.


Many of our clients are looking to add substantial volume to their hair. This could be due to hair loss, or just personal style preference. For these women, we recommend our full volume hair extensions. These 12-18” extensions will add maximum thickness to your hair. Other women, however, are just looking to add a little volume to their hair. Perhaps they want to cover up some unwanted greys, or fill out their hair. For these women, we recommend our 12-16” light volume root coverage extensions. Whether you are looking for maximum body or just a slight enhancement, our extensions can meet your needs and preferences.


Another thing that customers love about our clip in extensions is that they are fully customizable. You can customize our extensions in the following ways:

  • Cut – As with your natural hair, our clip in extensions can be cut in whatever way suits you. Feel free to mix it up!
  • Style – You can also style our extensions in any way you like. We even sell styling products to help you with that process.
  • Color – Our hair extensions come in a variety of colors—just about any color you can think of. If you ever decide that you would like to rock a different color, no worries—our extensions are fully customizable with regard to color as well.